“Suburban Birds” Japanese subtitled DCP

for theatrical release

Japanese Film Festival 2022

Subtitled DCP for 7 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Lao, Thai,  Bahasa Indonesia and Portuguese (Brazil)

9 Films: “BLUE”, “And So The Bato Is Passed”, “INU-OH”, “IN THE WAKE”, “INTOLERANCE”, “Blue Thermal”, “ANIME SUPREMACY!”, “Lesson In Murder” and “Crayon Shin-chan: Tenkasu Academy”


Japanese subtitled DCP of “RODEO”

for French Film Festival 2022 YOKOHAMA


English subtitled DCPs (for India) of director Makoto Shinkai’s animations,

“YourName.”, “Weathering With You”, “5 Centimeters Per Second”, “Garden of Words”,  “The place promised in our early days”, and “Children Who Chase Lost Voices”


English subtitled DCPs for director Yoshimitsu Morita’s masterpieces,

“Family Game”, “Mamiya Brothers” and “It’s On Me”.


Japanese Film Festival  2021

Subtitled DCP for 6 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer,  Thai,  Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese and Russian for 9 countries

11 Japanese Films:

Liar x Liar / MIO’s CookBook / The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

Poupelle of Chimney Town /Josee, The Tiger and The Fish / Aristocrats / A Madder Red/

POMPO the Cinephile / ARC / The Moon Has Risen /

The Past Is always New, The Future Is Always Nostargic


Japanese Film Festival  2020

Subtitled DCP for 7 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Lao, Thai,  Chinese and Russian

18 Films:

Not Quite Dead Yet / Takeshi Yashiro Stop Motion Animation (GON, SNOWMAN 1&2, Moon of a Sleepless Night) /

Step / One Night / Café Funiculi Funicula / AI Amok / Stolen Identity / Project Dreams – How to Build Mazinger Z’ Hangar- /

Our 30-Minute Sessions / Talking The Pictures / Labyrinth of Cinema / Labyrinth of Cinema / One Summer Story /

Tokyo God Fathers / Extro / Zero / They say nothing stays the same / True Mothers


Korean Film Festival  Cambodia 2019

Khmer subtitling and Subtitled DCP

2 Films: Nameless Gangster / Merry Christmas Mr. MO


Japanese Film Festival  2019

Subtitled DCP for 9 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Lao, Thai,  Burmese, Chinese and Russian

19 Films:

Samurai Shifters / A Banana? At This Time of Night? / 12 Suicidal Teens / Bento Harassment / Little Love Song / My Dad is a Heel Wrestler / Masquerade Hotel / Children Of The Sea / The Fable / Dance With Me / Parallel World Love Story / Tokyo Ghoul S /

Almost A Miracle / We Are Little Zombies / Lying To Mom / When My Mom Died, I Wanted to Eat Her Ashes /

Blue Hour / Rent A Friend / Love At Least

Japanese Film Festival  2018

Subtitled DCP for 9 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Lao, Thai,  Burmese, Chinese and Russian

23 Films:

Chihayafuru part3 / Perfect World / The 8 Year Engagement / Mixed Doubles / Yakiniku Dragon / INUYASHIKI /

Luaghing Under The Clouds / Color Me True / Mary and the Witch’s Flower / Mirai / Shashin Koshien /

The Scythian Lamb / Flower and Sword / The Great Passage / Mori, The Artist’s Habitat / Ballad of Narayama /

One Cut of the Dead / Family Story / Lu Over The Wall / Close-Knit         

Japanese Film Festival  2017

Subtitled DCP for 7 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Lao, Thai and Burmese

13 Films:

Rudolf The Black Cat / Her Love Boils Bathwater / Asian Three Fold Mirror: Reflections / The Long Excuse /

Tora-san of Goto / ReLife / The Survival Family / Daytime Shooting Star / Honnouji Hotel /

MUMON / Let’s Go Jets! / In This Corner Of The World / Memories Of  a Murderer


Japanese Film Festival  2016

Subtitled DCP for 6 LanguagesEnglish, Khmer, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian, Lao and Thai

16 Films:

What a wonderful Family / Magnificent Nine / The Boy and The Beast / Creepy /

Chihayafuru part1 / Chihayafuru part2 / The Mohican Comes Home / Tsukiji Wonderland /

Anthem of The Hearts / AN / Wolf girl and the Black Prince / Sanada 10 Brabes /

Desperate Sunflower /  The Top Secret / Gold Medal Man / Satoshi: Move for Tomorrow


 Japanese Film Festival – Cambodia 2015

JFF image

Depatrures Departures : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Yonosuke A Story of YONOSUKE : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Rebirth Rebirth : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Flying Colors Flying Colors : Khmer subtitles & DCP


poster_B1_0812_ol.ai Princess Jellyfish : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Girl in the Sunny Place Girl in the Sunny Place : Khmer subtitles & DCP


100 Yen Love  100 Yen Love : Khmer subtitles & DCP


24 eyes Twenty Four Eyes : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Late Autumn Late Autumn : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Snow on the Blades Snow on the Blades : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Ghost Theater Ghost Theater : Khmer subtitles & DCP


TheComplex The Complex : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Oblivion Island Oblivion Island : Khmer subtitles & DCP


A Letter To MOMO A Letter to MOMO : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Fruits of Faith Fruits of Faith :Khmer subtitles & DCP


Dashi & Shoyu Dashi & Shoyu : Khmer subtitles & DCP


Hearts of Gold DVD Hearts of Gold DVD – Khmer Version : Khmer subtitles & Khmer Voice Over