FIL-K Entertainment offers post production services with our in house facilities.

-5.1ch Mix and Audio Design
(Pro Tools HD Native)
-ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)
(Pro Tools HD Native)

Our 5.1ch sound mix facility is the first one as a commercial service in Cambodia.
We offer filmmakers a creative atmosphere with the big front screen and the projector.
The filmmakers or the distributors can easily know the final sound image at the movie theaters.
We will also have Foley room for the sound effects soon.

-Editing and CG animation
(Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photo Shop, Illustrator)

We believe that our editor’s over 25 years of experience in Japan with editing and making additional visual images
with Final Cut Pro and After Effects are the most advanced ones in Cambodia.
The technical skills and the experience will help your creativity and save your time and budget.

-DCP (Digital Cinema package) mastering
-KDM (Key Delivery Message) for encrypted DCP

Our DCP service is also the first one as a commercial service in Cambodia.
We support distributors and filmmakers for CDP mastering, KDM generation and duplicating DCP.