FIL-K Entertainment offers Localization services for visual contents.

-Khmer, English and Japanese subtitle
-Burn in or DCP subtitle

Subtitles are different from translation.
Subtitles need to fit in the dialogue length and easy to read without changing the meaning of the dialogue.
Making subtitles from translation needs a special technique and experience like we have.
We can make the final subtitle data to DCP subtitle data or burned in subtitles on the movie.

-Khmer dubbing and mix (2-7.1 ch)

Dubbing needs a team work with dubbing book writer, dubbing director, sound engineer and voice actors.
Our professional ADR facility and well experienced creators and engineers can make the identical contents to the original language.
We respect the creative efforts of the original so that the dubbed version will never ruin the original.
We re-mix the dubbing up to 7.1ch audio according to the original.

TRANSLATION for visual contents
-To Khmer from English, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese
-To Japanese from Khmer, English, Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese
-To English from Khmer, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese

Our partner translators are all professional and well-experienced ones.
To grantee you the quality of the translation, our target languages are only 3, Khmer, Japanese and English.
We translate those 3 languages to and from each other and also from Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese.