Sarakpich is the studio producer managing  sessions in our studios. Also as a Khmer dubbing Producer / Director / Script writer and as a Khmer subtitle editor, he participated in the localization of  foreign Films and TV shows, such as Japanese animation Doraemon and Shin Chan, US animation film SING and Despicable Me 3.  He also made all Khmer subtitles from translations for Japanese Film Festival – Cambodia 2015.
He is one of few Cambodian creators who know the way to make Khmer subtitles or dubbing script from Khmer translation.

Sarakpich speaks Khmer, English, Thai and a little of Japanese


Japanese Film Festival – Cambodia 2015 : Khmer subtitles for all 17 movies
(“Departures” “A Story of YONOSUKE” “Rebirth” “Fruits of Faith” “Tokyo Tower” “Flying Colors” “Princess Jellyfish” “Girl in the Sunny Place” “100 Yen LoveTwenty-Four Eyes” “Late Autumn” “Snow on the Blades” “Ghost Theater” “The Complex” “Dashi & Shoyu” “Oblivion Island” “A Letter to MOMO” )


SING (US Animation Film)
Despicable Me 3 (US Animation Film)

Doraemon (Japanese TV animation)(party subtitled)
Shin Chan (Japanese TV animation)(party subtitled)